Use It Before You Lose It

Use it Before You Lose It - It's Time to dream again

God our Heavenly Father is so gracious and loving in all that He has predestined for every one of His special daughters. And if you are reading this blog, no matter where you are in life, you’re special. But there is the evil one who lives to kill our dreams before they have had a chance to be birthed. Many of God’s daughters have allowed the plans of the enemy to delay us in fulfilling our dreams and desires. Often times it’s because we haven’t acknowledged that there is greatness in us and we are capable to accomplish all God has preordained.  Fear is a self-decapitating trauma and brings us to a place of unfulfilled dreams.

Once we become of age and discover what God has given to us to do, more times than not as a woman we say, “not me Lord, you must be talking about someone else”. We become blinded by fear and many times decide to go another direction because in our flesh we’ve decided we can’t find joy in what takes a lot of time, planning and work. We want the easy way out, because we live in a microwave, quick fix society. Building our dreams doesn’t always call for us to take the short route.

There are several stories in God’s Word, about a man by the name of Peter, who probably wanted the easy way out. Peter was the one the Lord called out of the boat to walk to Him on the water. He was also the one who denied Jesus three times before Jesus was crucified. But his final assignment came when he was told that upon this rock I shall build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (Matthew 16:18) On what rock and who? What kind of assignment was Jesus talking about for this smart mouth, ear slicing disciple? Peter had the option to use his calling or lose it. Because of his act of obedience, we have the church of Jesus Christ today. (Acts 2)

It’s Time to Dream Again

Women, we are living in one of the greatest times in history. We cannot lose sight of what God has for us to accomplish.  As sisters of the kingdom there are many who are waiting for us to walk out our God given assignments. Many of you are upcoming authors, preachers, singers, lawyers, entrepreneurs but fear has delayed you from pursuing the dreams. I use to think I had plenty of time but I’m finding that time waits for no one. The longer you wait the harder it is to stay motivated.

I heard a young women speak and she said, “ladies it’s time to reboot” that is to restart or revive something again; get something up and running again. Your motivational battery may be rundown or dead but you can recharge it or replace it.  Ladies it’s time to dream again! You must use it before you lose it. The enemy has stolen enough from us all. Let’s take our earthy authority and build upon the rock which was established for every woman thousands of years ago. Just like Peter did, step out of the boat, I promise you Jesus will not allow you to drown. Dream, use it, and be determined not to lose it. Redeem the time before it’s too late, time is winding up.