Intimacy With God

Whether you are leaving your Legacy or feeling the need to embark on a journey of Spiritual Transformation, now you can…

Write your own story! See God’s amazing agenda unfold. During this spiritual journey, a reader meditates on 365 verses in a year and creates a real-time journal of understanding and intimacy with God.Take note of life’s events in this 365-day inspirational diary for reflective writing. Evaluate your life purpose with one question and one verse per day.

My Step Journal is a way for busy people, and women being introduced to scripture, to meditate on God’s mysteries, contemplate new purposes and record them for posterity. Biblical life-application for busy people, It is a way to evaluate life by examining the Holy Spirit’s direction and input in the activities and events of any given year, putting into a place a vision of the purpose of God’s design for your life.