Becoming A Better Women


When Jesus saw her, He called her over and said to her, “Woman, you are freed from your sickness.”Luke 13:12

You’ll become a better woman when you love yourself based on God and not others. God implanted the love of Christ within us before we were ever formed in our mother’s womb. God’s love is the bases of our DNA. When babies are born they respond quickly to the love and care of their mother. It’s not an emotion they have to be taught too express, this love is freely given and received.

Becoming a better woman is based on how we truly love ourselves according to the Word of God.  The scripture in Luke 13 speaks about a woman who was bound for 18 years with a sickness that caused her to be bent over, a sickness that was caused by a spirit. There are physical sicknesses and emotional sickness. Life has a way of binding us up to the point we are unable to function on a daily basis.
Oftentimes sickness can be brought on by stress, bullying, rejection hurt and loss to name a few. Sickness has a way of preventing us from becoming the best woman we were ordained to be.

Our heavenly Father loves us so much that He has allow a story to be in scripture about a woman who was in pain for a long period of her life.  It doesn’t state how old she was or when she was afflicted but it definitely tells us the one who brought her back to wholeness. When Jesus saw her, He called her over to Himself. There doesn’t seem to be much dialogue only that she was freed from that which had her bound. Jesus wasn’t there to condemn her or reject her but to truly express His love and concern for her. Once she approached Jesus, He laid His hands on her and immediately she was healed. She took a step of faith to walk towards the answer.

Jesus may be calling you to come to Him because He wants to set you free. He not only sees your struggles but he also sees your future prognosis, He is God. Ladies there is greatness in you. Each and every one of you, no matter your past, there is potential to become a great woman as long as you invest your time and energy in allowing Jesus to rescue you. There hasn’t been one day where the Lord has not loved you. He died for your freedom and if you will allow Him to love you, I believe you will also hear Him calling your name. Remember, His sheep knows His voice and no other will they follow. John 10:27

God knows you to be His spiritual daughter — look to Him for the foundation for your life.  When you’re united with Christ you will remove the crisis in your life. It may take time for your restoration to occur but I beg you, don’t miss His voice when He calls your name. Regardless of where you are in the journey, our Father desires to make you a great woman. Don’t lose your focus or allow others to get you off track. This is your time and your season to Become A Better Woman. Run to Jesus! He’s waiting to touch you. He is your answer.